1326 Apel dr., Port Coquitlam
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We believe in a good balance between Montessori and Play-based program as they provide stimulating environment which aids in development of the child as a whole.
Our Day Care Program, which also includes a Preschool Program, offers a broad vision of education, respect, and understanding of children’s individual needs as they grow from childhood to maturity.
We value the development of the child as a whole and recognize that children learn at different rates. Our Montessori and ECE trained staff will design and prepare activities to engage the children in the learning process. Each child will be encouraged and supported at his/her own level. Through their work, children will develop concentration and self-discipline following their interests and needs. Our program is designed to cover the needs for intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development in young children. Our goal is to provide a stepping stone between home and school, and to develop a trustful relationship with both children and parents. We offer a safe, caring, and stimulating environment, where learning and self-esteem will flourish naturally.Experienced Early Childhood Education and Montessori trained teachers.