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Montessori Curriculum

“ Education is not something that the teacher does  with the child, but a natural process that develops within the child in response to the environment.”

Maria Montessori
Children at preschool age possess what Dr. Montessori called an Absorbent Mind. This kind of mind has the unique and transitory ability to absorb all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual environment, without fatigue or effort. “Everything in the environment in which a child is placed will be absorbed.” M. Montessori
 Montessori classroom has specific areas of learning – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies. Within each of these areas children learn to manipulate the different materials, and each one directly or indirectly prepares them for the next step when they are ready to move on.
Our program will be based on weekly/biweekly themes that vary upon holiday calendar and children’s interests. Read more >>